The Christopher Conner Foundation was founded in honor of the Late Chris Conner, a well-loved and highly-respected musician from Columbia, SC.  As the frontman for the Sourwood Honey Band, the Conner Brothers Band and The South Band, Chris was an accomplished musician and songwriter whose music earned him a diverse and loyal fan base.                                                       

In January 2007, at the height of his career, Chris was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.  He was 36.  He fought  a courageous 10-month battle with the deadly disease that set an example of courage, faith and love. Otis Taylor with The State said, "Conner's illness has united Columbia's go-your-own-way musical scene. He is facing his cancer much the way he writes songs -- by digging in".   Charles Wilkie added, "Chris has always been there for fellow musicians. Whenever there was a benefit for someone who was sick or needed financial help, he was the first to step up". Ryan Goforth, former Sourwood Honey member said, "Chris has been a beacon for the local music scene for 15 years. He is a real true person with friends in every walk of life."  Chris passed away November 21, 2007 leaving a legacy of friendship, love and devotion for others.  "It's overwhelming that one guy can touch so many people" said Chris Carney, the South's manager.  The local music community and friends nationwide rallied to support Chris and his family, and the Christopher Conner Foundation was established in order to carry on Chris' work and dreams of helping others.

The Christopher Conner Foundation is a grassroots fundraising organization that supports our local community musicians and their families with medical and educational fund assistance.  The Foundation also partners with other organizations to provide healing through music and music related fund raisers for those in need.

The Conner Foundation would like to thank all you who have supported our mission.    Special thanks to Jackie Townsend, Hugh Brannon, The Henry L. Willett Foundation, Sysco, SC Collaborative  and all of you who have gone above and beyond. Thank you and God Bless!    
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Chris Conner and The South - Never Said It Was Easy

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See Chris Conner's story and photos, the Sourwood Honey Band, The South Band and Conner Brothers at LMSSC
March 13, 2008 - a  letter from Leigh Revere, a beautiful friend of Chris Conner’s, who died shortly after Chris. 

"I know that it has been said that time heals all wounds, but I miss Chris more and more each day.  He was my friend and hero.   I met Chris on May 16, was the first day of my chemo treatment.  We had a tragic yet instant bond. Both in our mid 30's, parents of young children and a death sentence.  

The thing I remember most about that first meeting is that he was so strong and so calm and peaceful at the same time. He told me I needed to calm down, I knew then he could sense my fear. It made it easier to go to the oncology center knowing he would be there and it was such an extra special treat when Kelly and Ace were there, too. Kelly so optimistic and full of strength and Ace spreading sunshine through the whole place.

Take a moment and think about what you loved most about Chris, what really drew you to him. Now make a commitment to incorporate some of that Chris Conner spirit into our own every day lives. I feel certain our world will be a better place. I also ask that we all analyze our own well being.

 If you smoke - consider quitting, do it in honor of Chris. I know it is hard, so if you can't quit--- smoke outside and cut down the exposure of others to second hand smoke. Chris spent the last months of his life creating a beautiful calender about the awareness of second hand smoke. I know he would be proud if you could honor him in this way.

 If you are sick---go to the doctor. Chris and I waited too long for a diagnosis. By the time we found out about the cancer we both were already in stage four. Try to live a healthier life ---eat your veggies, get enough rest, exercise. I know--blah blah blah. But I can tell you with certainty, you do not want to be a cancer patient. It is a horrific experience. It is hard on the patient and devastating to the family and friends. Chris was always concerned with his family's well being. I know it broke his heart to watch them suffer along side him. I don't want anyone to have to go through this, so please take care of yourselves. 

As we all toast to C3 in November, think about all the love he gave to all and keep that spirit soaring.  Leigh
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The Christopher Conner Foundation operates exclusively for charitable, cultural and educational purposes..
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Donations can also be mailed to: Conner Foundation, POB 84215, Lexington, SC 29073
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